Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Dry Cupping

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Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Dry Cupping is one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).

TCM is a system of medicine partly based on the idea that an energy called Qi (pronounced Chee) flows along pathways in the body called meridians. In this belief if the flow of Qi along the meridian is blocked or unbalanced illness can occur.

Ying and Yang

Heaven Man Earth

Concept of Yin and Yang

All things including the body are composed of opposite forces called Yin and Yang.

Health is said to depend on the balance of these forces. TCM focus on maintaining the Yin and Yang balance to maintain health and prevent illness. TCM doctor look at balance of body, mind and spirit to determine how to restore Qi in the Yin/Yang balance and good health.

One of the TCM treatments to restore Qi balance is Traditional Chinese Therapeutic Cupping.

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts glass cups on special points of your skin for a few minutes to create suction.

People get it for many purposes, including helping reduce pain, inflammation, help blood circulation, reduce stress and as a type of deep tissue massage.

The suction causes the skin to rise and redden as the blood vessel expands. Cupping therapy is simple and safe used on its own or alongside massage can positively influence and speed up the body’s natural healing process by expelling, detoxifying and cleansing the system, restore Qi balance and to maintain good health.