Aromatherapy Remedial Massage

This is a systematic holistic therapy that uses massage in combination with pure essential oils, which provides distinctive therapeutic properties to achieve physical and spiritual well-being.

Aromatherapy remedial massage can treat a wide variety of complaints.

The essential oils have a powerful beneficial effect on moods and emotions.

They can be calming for stress and worry, nervous tension, agitation, anxiety and apprehension, energising and stimulating, for depression, poor concentration and week memory.

Each treatment is designed to suit your individual needs using specially selected essential oils.

Specific massage strokes and stimulation of pressure points allow your body to make the necessary adjustments to balance and heal it whilst achieving total rest together with complete mental and physical relaxation.

Each treatment enhances the ability of your body mind and emotions to be in harmony making you fell healthy and happy.

Treat yourself with a professional “Stress Cure” Aromatherapy Massage.

A perfect antidote to a stressful lifestyle as it relaxes the mind, lifts the spirit and generally restores the body equilibrium.