Parafin Wax Treatment

Wax pot photoWaxed hand

Paraffin wax treatment is often used in skin softening, spa treatment on the hand cuticles and feet. The wax is a natural emollient helping to moisturise the skin, it also opens the pores and removes dead skin cells.

It is completely natural and safe and easily applied to the skin at a temperature low enough not to cause burns or blisters.

Therapeutically it can provide pain relief to sore joints, muscles and arthritis. It acts like a form of heat therapy and helps increase blood flow, relax muscles and decrease joint swelling. It can also reduce muscle spasms and inflammation as well as treat sprains.

Health Benefits of Paraffin Wax

The paraffin treatment involves submerging the effective part into a container of warm wax creating a waxy glove. The hand is then covered with a plastic bag and towel to insulate for 20 minutes. The wax is then discarded followed by a relaxing aromatherapy hand massage.