Finnish Log Sauna

Health Benefits of Sauna

The unique benefits of sauna have become increasingly popular in modern society. It is used for relaxation and socialising as well as for the treatment of disease.  For example:-

  • To eliminate toxins, bacteria and lactic acid from the body. This helps prevent tiredness, illness and muscle pains.
  • Helping overworking of the kidneys and reducing the risk of fluid retention by perspiration through the skin, (the largest organ in the body).
  • The overall benefit should be improved vigour and vitality plus freedom from muscular and nervous tension, without over exertion or strain placed upon the heart and circulation.

The amount of fluid lost from the body can vary from 0.15 to 1.5litres in a single treatment. When taken with dietary control and supporting treatment such as massage, this can result in a reduction in body weight.

The combination of physical and psychological effect results in a deep sense of relaxation.  The client should feel free from tension, but not exhausted by the routine, just gently sedated with the desire to rest.

A renewed capacity to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life is also felt, sometimes described by clients as being recharged for the week ahead.